Tanggal 31 Oktober hari ini membawa makna kepada pelakon popular, Lisa Surihani kerana genap 10 tahun pemergian bapanya, Mohamed Mahbob.

Menerusi entri terbarunya, Lisa berkongsi dua keping foto beserta kapsyen mengimbas kembali saat akhir pemergian ayahnya di akaun Instagram (IG) miliknya.

Today , 10 years ago I went for a photoshoot for a magazine at Hartamas. When we got back at Auntie Mai’s, the first thing you said was “Now I can baring..” You waited for me and Mommy. All of us would have never guessed you were going to a better place. One of the last thing you said was “Allah.. is all that matters now”. You passed on in my arms in the midst of your doa and zikir. You knew it was time, Dad. Allah knows how much we miss you so. I love you forever today. Constantly. Deep in my heart. Mohamed bin Mahbob, [email protected], Bobob, Daddy, Che Mat and Cliff Richard Malaysia (eh? ?) (23.01.1947-31.10.2008) please do recite the Al-Fatihah for my dear Father as sadaqah jariah. May Arwah be placed amongst the pious and may you be blessed for your kind deed in reciting this surah for Arwah.

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Menurut Lisa, bapanya meninggal dunia selepas berbaring sejurus pulang menemani dirinya di set penggambaran.

Rata-rata pengikut Lisa turut sama mendoakan semoga ayahnya ditempatkan di kalangan orang beriman.

"@tyaariffinnw: Alfatihah."

"@honeybasir: You certainly have his eyes and lips. May Allah swt place his soul amongst the blessed. Al fatihah."

"@eydaadnan: Al fatihah..Bibir arwah macam lisa."

"@effie6: Al fatihah. Love listening to all his stories with you."

"@yati.zaki.39: Al fatihah for your daddy."