While most of us whip out the calculators on our phones just to do simple math, Cherly Chow, 15, is already beating thousands of Math-smart kids to win an international competition.

She competed with maths enthusiasts from Japan, China, Korea and Singapore solving Maths games and adaptive quizzes to win big!

The Beaconhouse Sri inai student beat them all, scoring more than 1,000 points on the way to being crowned the overall top participant at the prestigious Mangahigh East Asia Maths Ninja Challenge 2019.

She went up against 14,240 students from across East Asia to win the title!

Chow wasn't the only one from her school to do well in the competition. 372 students took part and collectively brought home 76 medals.

They scored a record 36,404 points – more than double the next best points total – to emerge as overall winners, ahead of over 250 other schools from across the region.

Chow said that she was incredibly excited about the win.

“Maths is one of my greatest passions so to have done so well in the competition was a big highlight for me.

"The Maths Ninja Challenge was so unique and getting to compete with my fellow students with the help of our teachers from Beaconhouse Sri Inai was such a memorable experience,” said Chow.

The Mangahigh East Asia Maths Ninja Challenge 2019 was a 12-day online maths competition that ran from 23 September to 4 October.

Students were given unique training and then assigned maths related activities on a daily basis, which offered up a total of three points per activity.

At the end of the 12-day challenge the students achieving over 200 points received gold medals while the school with the most cumulative points was named the overall winner.

Beaconhouse Sri Inai Executive Principal Nicki Coombs said the win is one that the school is truly proud of.

"The competition was incredibly tough with students from all across East Asia. So to have won and by such a substantial amount is a real testament to the hard work and dedication of the teachers and students throughout the competition period.

“ We are always looking for new and creative ways to inspire our children to embrace learning and I’m confident our out-of-the-box methods helped our students prepare for the unique challenges posed during the challenge,” she added.

Wow! Way to go Cheryl Chow and schoolmates!

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