We figure we would start this article by telling you the moral of the story: don’t ever look down on a person’s profession because you do not know what that person is going through

In fact, that person might just make it big one day because of their hard work.

Meet Mohamad Azlan Al Amin, a rubbish collector who is now a successful entrepreneur and millionaire.

Yes guys, you better believe this!

Humble beginnings

The 32-year-old has now published a book on the secret to his success.

The Star Online reported that the book, titled 'Rahsia Pengutip Sampah Jadi Jutawan' (Secrets Of A Rubbish Collector Who Becomes A Millionaire) was launched recently at the National Library.

In the book, Mohamad Azlan shared how he first started working as a rubbish collector for a cleaning contractor at the Royal Malaysian Air Force base in Gong Kedak, Kelantan back in 2005.

Because his family was so poor, he often took home food like chicken and fish thrown away by the canteen operator that was still edible for his family.

“That was how difficult life was. We were poor, and in a survey that was carried out, my family was found to be the poorest in Kampung Tok Raja, Besut," he was quoted as saying.

He didn't let that deter him from making something out of his life, however, as he was determined to change his and his family's life.

Taking the plunge

In 2010, he left home to find a job in Jertih with only RM1.30 in my pocket after his small business failed.

That was when he met an individual who offered him a job as a property agent, and like they say, the rest is history.

Mohamad Azlan never looked back since as he is now the proprietor of Azlan A-Amin Properties Sdn Bhd.

He dedicated his success to hours and hours of hard work and determination.

“Make poverty as motivation and wealth as an inspiration. When we have acquired wealth, be generous and help others.

“In times of hardship, never forget Allah and give alms, and always be grateful and appreciate the sacrifices of our parents,” he said.

We salute you, Mohamad Azlan! Let's hope your story inspires all Malaysians to work hard.

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