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#GempakSpot: Is Your Relationship ‘Staged’?

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Savage Garden’s “I knew I loved you” song just don’t cut it when it comes to the reality of relationships. Whether you are still #foreveralone or #offthemap, the stakes are high when it comes to going through different stages in a relationship. Just remember that it is okay to have highs and lows, but for every speed bump, just make sure to press the brakes and slow down for a second.
So, what are the most important stages in a relationship? Do you remember how yours went? Which stage are you currently at? Well, don’t worry. We have got you covered fam. Let us share some stages we think are significant in a relationship.
The Ed Sheeran Stage
Don’t think we need an introduction to Sheeran’s songs. Millennials, you know it, you sang it! Basically, the epitome of an early stage in a relationship is all the “I jump, you jump” metaphor. In this stage, everything your significant other does, IS UNICORNS AND RAINBOWS (farts and burps included). Amazing, huh?
The Funnymoon Stage
This stage sums up honeymoon and awkward stage altogether. This is where both of you are adjusting to routines, getting use to each other’s different qualities, seeing things through your partner’s perspective, so on and so forth. Everything still seems beautiful and acknowledging, hence enjoy this stage while it lasts.
The WTF Stage
When confusion, disagreement, and misunderstanding kicks in, that is when quarrels and arguments comes out. Beware, this is a stage that actually glues the relationship together, to see whether you’ll be ripped apart or holding on as strong as ever. If you are in this stage, Alexa, queue Avril Lavigne’s Keep Holding On (forever).
The ‘Let’s Do This’ Stage
You both made it through! Round of applause please. A stage where both partners have agreed to put aside differences and meet in the middle. You have seen the worst, the best is yet to come. Things start to fall in place and both of you are congruous in all you choose to do. We’re so proud…
The ‘Cringe So Hard’ Stage
If you think the first stage is cringe-worthy, this stage is worse (in a good way!). A stage in a relationship where you know you have met your one and only, whom you would not take a bullet for, obviously, but would definitely steal French blue horn from a restaurant (we stan Ted from HIMYM). Nonetheless, congratulations for making it through! Pop open a champagne (non-alcoholic because you need to be sober on a working night), have a candlelight dinner and rub it in everyone’s faces who said you both won’t make it through!
Wherever you are in a relationship, honour and respect your significant other. Remember, choosing a partner is your decision, hence stay true with it. If you can’t seem to have anything in common, have some courtesy to let them know and move on. Lead a simple life, if you are happy, your partner will be too (and all your friends who have to listen to your sob story)!
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