Trying to avoid paying toll charges in the Klang Valley is a game you’re bound to lose. Yes, it’s technically possible but the amount of extra time wasted on the road ends up justifying paying toll just to save some time on the road.

Toll charges are another pain we need to navigate on the side of the congestion that’s already a mainstay of commuting. Charges vary across the different highways operated by nine concessionaires and your mind will be as muddled as the roads if you try to remember the fees.

No sweat though, Waze has got your back fam.

As one of the navigation app’s most requested feature, a Toll Price tab for Malaysia has now been added courtesy of its vast community of users and contributors. Waze users will now be able to view and even compare toll charges for the route.

The function is compatible with high-occupancy-vehicle (HOV) lanes and appears automatically if there’s a toll along the suggested route.

However, the best part is that drivers will now be able to compare the savings or extra charges from the toll against the estimated time of arrival (ETA) to determine if it’s worth the time saved.

You’ll have to put six volunteers from the Malaysian Waze community on your Christmas card list for playing a huge part in making this feature available. Kadyus, Kweeheng, Rickylo103, EpailXi, Izuaniz and Lutfi_bihar deserve a lot of credit for helping to collect and input the toll charges.

“We’re delighted to bring Toll Prices to Malaysia. Thanks to the phenomenal efforts of our volunteer community, we’ve been able to make one of the most requested features on Waze a reality. Until now, Waze was trying to reduce your time spent in traffic; now, we’re also helping our users save as much money as possible by giving them the absolute best choice of routes, based both on ETA and potential costs of tolls along the way. We look forward to continue working with our community to make this feature available in all markets,” said Moriah Royz, Waze Product Manager.