This year marks our second year fighting the COVID-19 pandemic and it looks like our war is far from over despite the invention of vaccines.

More people, including celebrities and public figures, have succumbed to the virus and the latest one to fall victim is Bollywood actor, Akshay Kumar.

Over 12 million COVID-19 cases in India

Stay safe everyone, may we protected against COVID-19.
According to AFP, the 53-year-old tested positive for COVID-19 and is now under home quarantine and has sought necessary medical care.

India reported 93,249 new daily infections on Sunday, according to health ministry data, the highest increase since September, taking the total known cases to almost 12.5 million.

The actor previously admitted that he’s been drinking cow urine since last year to keep himself healthy – a practice some Hindus believe has medical benefits, including against COVID-19.

Although the ‘Pad Man’ star recently tweeted that he’s currently undergoing home quarantine, Akshay updated fans that as a precautionary measure, he has been hospitalised.

He also urged those who have came in contact with him earlier on to get themselves tested and said he’ll be back in action soon.

Get well soon, Akshay! And to everyone out there, please stay safe and always practise the SOPs in place.