A Twitter user recently shared news of an award that his school friend’s daughter had won and it was none other than a YouTube Silver Play button, a coveted prize by those who are active on the video sharing platform. Her father was astonished when she lugged the sizeable trophy home, which is awarded exclusively to YouTube channels that reach more than 100k subscribers.

He elaborated that his friend had not been initially enthusiastic about his daughter’s pursuits but had warmed up to the idea after many commenters showed support and explained the matter to him as after all, the kid has talent.

milo ices youtube screenshot

The YouTube channel that received this coveted prize was Milo Ices, a channel with animated drawings. According to the channel’s about section, the creator behind the channel is Husna Nadira who cutely mentioned that she only uploads during holidays, probably due to too much schoolwork.

The Netizen also explained that the channel had only been created last year on 25 February 2021 during the lockdown but has already amassed more than 16.2 million views so far, no mean feat in today’s digital age which is flooded with numerous channels all vying for views. Husna managed to achieve this success despite her young age of fifteen.

Her content is mostly made up of an animated character with a Jalur Gemilang-patterned face that we take to represent the average Malaysian. Her short clips are simple yet unique, creative, and even funny like this video of annoying situations we face when taking flights:

On top of receiving a nice shiny trophy, Husna is apparently making some big bucks as YouTube pays their creators who apply and are accepted into their YouTube Partner Program.

According to Social Blade, a website that tracks social media statistics and analytics, the channel is estimated to make anywhere from $300-$4.8k a month which is approximately RM1.3k-RM21.3k.

Wow, when we were fifteen we were probably still begging our parents for money to go to Mekdi! What an inspiration!

Image source: @husna.nadiraa,@milo_ices