Social media influencers and celebrities on Instagram who amass a large following usually use their platforms to share their own content and of course, brand endorsements or as they call it in Malaysia Insta reviews.

Some of them charge a really low sum or free in contra with the items they get but most of them with big names and millions of followers usually charge a hefty price tag.

Before Kylie became the queen of Instagram, it was her sister who reigned supreme.
It kind of makes you wonder, how much do these celebrities actually charge for each sponsored Instagram posting?

According to this report by Hopper called The Instagram Rich List, A-lister celebrities rake up to seven-figure payment for each posting.

Both of them cost USD$1.75 million per Instagram post.
Topping the list is none other than Instagram queen, Kylie Jenner who has 111 million followers with USD$1,000,000 (RM4,060,800) for each posting, followed by Selena Gomez with USD$800,000 (RM3,248,640) per post and footballer Cristiano Ronaldo who charges USD$750,000 (RM3,045,600) per post.

Others who made the list are Beyoncé (USD$700k per post), Kim Kardashian (USD$720k per post), Justin Bieber (USD$630k per post), Kendall Jenner (USD$500k per post), Dwayne Johnson (USD$650k per post), Neymar da Silva Santos Junior (USD$600k), and Lionel Messi (USD$500k per post).

Wah, upload photo on Instagram can easily make millions of Ringgits meh? Okay lah boss, we want to quit and become Instagram influencers too.