'The Conjuring', directed by Malaysian filmmaker James Wan, is arguably one of the scariest horror films to be released this decade.

To make even scarier, the 2013 movie was said to be based on a true story about a family who was terrorised by unseen forces in their own home.

And now, you get to experience the creepiness of it all, live in your own home.

Experience the creepiness for yourself

The creepy house in the movie.
The Dark Zone, a group of paranormal researchers, will be livestreaming from the supposedly haunted home for one week beginning 9 May.

During the livestream, viewers will be able to communicate and follow the current owners of the house, which is located in Rhode Island, the Heizen family.

Viewers will also get "an immersive and interactive look inside" the home that owners Cory and Jennifer Heinzen are currently being quarantined in.

The real and supposedly haunted house.
The Dark Zone said on the website that during the week-long event, the Heinzens -- who reportedly are also paranormal investigators themselves -- will be conduction Ouija board sessions, seances and remotely speak with a variety of guests.

One of the guests who is scheduled to make an appearance is Andrea Perron, the subject of 'The Conjuring' movie was based on.

Perron lived in the home with her family back in the 1970s and experienced paranormal activities so terrifying, they were forced to move out.

What else can you expect from the livestream, you ask?

Well, if what the Heinzens said in recent interviews are true, you can expect lots of creepy, frightening stuff.

Cory Heinzen told The New York Post in an interview in 2019 that they bought the house because they "fell in love with it", but the love quickly fizzled when strange things started happening.

According to Cory, they experienced "footsteps, knocks, we've had lights flashing in rooms, and when I say lights flashing in rooms, it's rooms that don't have light in there to begin with".

Are you guys ready to be locked in?
You can catch the livestream here on 8 May with a free preview, but if you want to continue watching, you would either have to pay USD4.99 (RM22) per day, or USD19.99 (RM87) for a one-week pass.

We don't know about you guys, but we can't wait for this livestream.