Aulia’s love life takes a crazy turn in Kau vs Aku, the adaptation of Shieyruna’s Wattpad novel on Sooka. The 6th episode ended on the lowest of lows as Danish lost his bet with Luqman over a rigged football match that rocked his relationship with new girlfriend Aulia. This episode sees everything tumbling downhill in the most heartbreaking of manners.


In the words of executive producer Shamyl Othman, ‘Afiza directed the sad and heartbreaking episodes of the series’ and boy, was he right. Directed by Afiza Asram, the 7th episode starts out by continuing the decline in mood and tone set by the 6th episode. Zhaf confronted Asyraf for his betrayal, Luqman and friends sang ‘Aulia aku punya’ loudly, Aulia stormed off after the match; the first 5 minutes were total chaos.

Danish, heartbroken from the loss, dealt with the aftermath of his rash decisions. Aulia in full silent treatment mode, Asyraf basking in remorse after betraying his friends and Zhaf, on a warpath against Asyraf. Here, the writers portrayed the depth of Danish’s character by allowing him to digest such discouraging feelings and react rationally, unlike most boys his age. His mature reactions shaped him to be a fresh take on stubborn, narcissistic schoolboy characters.

However, Aulia was dealing with a bigger and far more complicated problem. Since the earlier episode, her father, played by Arash Mohamad, was always eager to matchmake her with a distant cousin’s son, Emir. Although arranged marriage may be a thing of the past to some, unfortunately, such arrangements still exist today. A number of Malaysians still believe in child marriage as the answer to social problems. But why Aulia?

There’s no clear answer to this. However, you can see the subtle connection between her father’s eagerness to marry her off and Aulia’s status as an illegitimate child. As a muslim father, he’s pressured to protect Aulia from making similar mistakes. At a certain point, we feel like he’s a bit embarrassed by the fact that Aulia’s an illegitimate child? Such a strange but realistic man.

Episode 7 is the last episode before the big finale, the episode that concludes Aulia-Danish’s teenage love story. So in between Kau vs Aku, who won? Kau? Aku? The World?

Prep your tissues and watch episode 7 here before the finale: right here.

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