There are thousands of songs released each year, so to score a number one hit is not an easy task.

Most singers would be happy to score one chart topper.

But pop diva Mariah Carey just proved that she's not just an ordinary singer.

A feat that's never been done before

The queen of the charts.
According to news agency AFP, the 49-year-old made histoy by becoming the first singer to achieve a number one hit in four separate decades.

Based on sales, streaming data and radio airplay, her ever-popular holiday tune "All I Want For Christmas" topped the Billboard Hot 100 for the week dated 4 January 2020.

With that, Carey has had a number one single in the 1990s, 2000s, 2010s and 2020s.

The song was first released in 1994 and gained new fame after its inclusion on the soundtrack for the 2003 film 'Love, Actually.'

But it only topped the charts for the first time in late 2019, thanks to a change in Billboard’s rules as to what can be included on the top songs list.

For this year's festivities, Carey released a new music video for the song in YouTube and to date, it has over 30 million views. She also released the song as a stand-alone CD single for the first time.

According to Billboard, it is her 19th number one hit, putting her just one song behind The Beatles’ overall record of 20 top songs.

And here's a fun fact: CNN reported that the song has earned Carey more than USD60 million (RM246 million) in royalties since the day it was released!

Carey celebrated the announcement with a Tweet:

Congratulations, we say!