Although sadly we no longer get new Hari Raya Aidilfitri ads from the iconic Malaysian director, the late Yasmin Ahmad, many brands have come up with creative ads over the years to touch the hearts of consumers and stand out from the rest of the clutter of online ads.

This year is no different so we at RD have rounded up our favourite Raya ad picks for 2023, ranked in order of our favourites. Happy watching and make sure to have some tissues with you:

10. CelcomDigi – Rumah Terbuka

A treasured dodol recipe becomes the subject of contention for two families when two sisters fight over it. This hilarious ad shows how Raya open houses are livelier and more meaningful when celebrated together with family members. It also carries interesting symbolism of the merging of the two mobile telecommunications providers.

9. Petron – Kaki Kumpul Hati

We love a cute love story, and this is one about childhood friends Ron and Putri Elisya Tasnim (P.E.T) who reconnect when they meet at a Petron station. However, his old habits since he was young makes Putri impatient with him. Watch this video to find out what happens and how the smallest deeds can bring the biggest rewards.

8. Etiqa – Panorama Abah Den

When Jamal, who is used to city life brings his father to KL, he gets annoyed by his dad’s excessive eagerness to see all the sights of the big city. However, there is an unexpected reason why his father is eager to capture all the landmarks that made us feel all warm on the inside. It reminds us that Raya is always more meaningful when we share it with others.

7. ERA – Tetamu

A man receives an unwelcome visitor to break fast together despite there being not enough food on the table for his own family. As they feel indignant as he helps himself to the food, they receive an unexpected gift in return instead. This moving ad featuring actor Beto Kusyairy teaches us that we should not be quick to judge people as they may have good intentions instead and that blessings may come when it’s least anticipated.

6. RHB – Pengembaraan Sempurna

Based on a true story, this ad tells the real-life story of how after losing his leg, retired police officer Ramli Aziz started building disabled-friendly tricycles using recycled materials. It shows us that if you look past the rough edges, you will be able to see the beauty beneath the imperfections.

5. Astro - Pertemuan Dua Hati

You may have read the story about the retired Chinese kindergarten teacher Chee Hoi Lan who brought up her Muslim adoptive daughter Rohanna according to Islamic teachings despite their differences in race and religion. She received the National Maulidur Rasul award in 2022. This ad based on their real-life story shows that love isn’t based on skin colour and touched the deepest parts of our heart.

4. Bulan Bintang – Raya Macam Star

The Malaysian-founded modest wear brand brings on the laughs this Raya with a tale about Zul, who hosts an open house for Raya to meet and win over the heart of Hannah, a beautiful girl from his kampung after he falls in love at first sight. After he dons a striking Baju Melayu from Bulan Bintang, he transforms from a simple boy to a dashing superstar. It includes a simple yet meaningful message so watch on to see if he manages to capture Hannah’s heart…

3. Petronas – Dilema Irama

This is a video that you will need your Kleenex for from the brand known for their iconic ads that will open your eyes to the beauty of the culture and heritage of Malaysia. Themed "Roots of Our Future", this Aidilfitri special explores the conflict of what happens when the rhythms of two generations collide. Friction ensues between Man Gambus and his son, Nadim when the latter reluctantly agrees to play the gambus for his father’s traditional music group at an Iftar ceremony. Watch how the story unfolds in this emotionally charged film that highlights our local culture through traditional instruments.

2. Saji Malaysia – Manih – Manih Podeh

Saji never disappoints with its Raya ads and this year is no different. “Happiness doesn’t depend on what we have, but on whom we have” is the lesson behind this Raya ad. Although this clip was less than seven minutes, we felt sucked into the heart-warming story of Ilham who returns to find his estranged single father after tasting his sambal while trying to realise his dream of being a popular influencer. We even felt a bit teary-eyed while watching the amazing performances by the talented actors Faizal Hussein and Fimie Don!

1. Julie’s Biscuits - Kisah Raya P.E.R.I.T

This ad about a single mother and her daughter stands out from the rest as it is loosely inspired by ‘Everything Everywhere All At Once’ with sci-fi elements and features great cinematography. It is also a rare ad that shows the struggles of a divorcee during festive seasons. Timah and Farah are on their annual journey home for Raya. Will they make it on time this year or will they miss it altogether?

We wish all our readers Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri in advance!