Warning: Major spoilers for House of the Dragon Episode 9 ahead!

The King’s passing has kicked House of the Dragon into high gear. This week’s penultimate episode sets the stage for the crescendo we’ve all been waiting for, with more questions than answers for us to mull over. Let’s break down the highs and lows of the episode.

Twists of fate

With the King’s passing, Otto wastes no time to put his intricate scheme into motion. We like how his plans were well-laid out, singling out Rhaenyra’s allies and securing the throne for his family. It was very fitting of his character.

Funny how the start of the coming civil war was grounded in a simple miscommunication. Yes, Viserys was not in a healthy state of mind, but that’s what you get for naming children after yourself!

Though Aegon never had an inkling of interest in the throne, he seemed to have a change of heart once he wore the crown and realised the power he now held. The show’s music did a great job of highlighting this transformation, like Darth Vader rising up.

How fitting then that he frequents a child fighting ring at Flea Bottom. This show has set up his character’s inability to lead the Iron Throne and the scene almost cements it.

Epic escapes

Rhaenys’s escape was epic. The Queen Who Never Was has been sidelined in Season 1 and she finally shows her true strength. Yet, she chooses not to end The Greens when she had the chance, knowing the consequences it would bring to her name and the stability of the realm.

Lord Allun Caswell’s failed escape came as no surprise at all. His nervousness was clear as day. We’re surprised he got as much screen time as he did, but kudos to him for attempting a daring escape in the heat of a coup.

The finale looms and we are beyond excited to see how Season 1 will bow out. Will we finally see the start of the civil war? Will more main characters meet their end, in typical Thrones fashion? How will Rhaenyra react once she catches wind of the King’s passing?

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