Dancing is something that a lot of people do for entertainment.

Unfortunately for three North Korean soldiers, dancing caused severe implications for them.

No dancing!
According to a report by Malay Mail, quoting Daily NK, the men in their 20s were arrested for dancing to BTS’ hit single "Blood, Sweat, & Tears".

The incident reportedly happened during a tour of Baekdu Mountain with the North Korean army, when a train ferrying soldier from Pyongyang to Hyesan broke down due to a power outage at Sokhu Station in South Hamgyong Province.

To pass the time while the problem was being fixed, the three soldiers danced to entertain their colleagues.

Too bad for them, their actions were noticed by the country’s Defence Security Agency.

Indulging in propaganda

The soldiers have defended themselves saying that they did not know the choreography had originated from a South Korean band and claimed that they learnt it from other members of their division.

They called the dance their “Exciting Boy Scout Dance.”

It doesn't seem like officials were convinced with their reasons though, because the case was reported to superiors at the General Political Bureau and the Security Bureau.

We really hope that no serious action is taken against the three.

Dancing jer kut!