If we could describe 2020 in one word, it'll be "exhausting".

With everything that have been happening in the world, we all need a little help to get through the day. For most of us, it's coffee the one drug that is not only legal, but also socially acceptable.

Unfortunately, getting quality coffee often can have quite an impact on our wallets which are already hit hard by the economic downturn.

The good news is, there are cheaper options to the delicious but can't-afford-everyday cafe coffees - if only you're willing to invest in some basic equipment and make some at home.

We've compiled a list of stores in Malaysia that will deliver coffee grounds right to your doorstep. Some of even sell the equipment you'll need to brew your own cuppa.

You're welcome ;)

Perk Coffee

Coffee to perk you up
This company offers a wide variety of coffee - from full beans and grounds to drip bags and pods. They even have a subscription option so you don't have to keep remembering to order your coffee.

One of the best part of the subscription programme is that it's flexible. You can pick how often you want the coffee to be delivered, what kind you want and even change your mind before your next delivery. You can also pause or cancel your programme at any time, just like a gym membership.

You can also get coffee makers, filters and other coffee-related stuff here.

Cottle Coffee

Can we have a cup now too, please?
Cottle Coffee first started selling artisan coffee in Melbourne, Australia but had recently started a branch in Malaysia.

Not only do they sell everything coffee and coffee-related, they also have a coffee academy where you can learn to make amazing coffee yourself.

Whether you're just someone who wants to learn the basics to up your brewing game or train to become a professional, this company has a course for you.

But we digress.

All you need to know, from this article at least, is that the company delivers good coffee and you can pick the bean that suits your taste buds best!


Doesn't that look absolutely beautiful
One look at the website may seem like it's not for individuals to get their coffee fix, but don't give up just yet.

Although Coffex caters mostly towards businesses, there's a "consumables" button on the page that you can click on for coffee beans, pods, ground coffee and other products.

They even have non-coffee products if you want to throw in some caffeine-free options to your purchase.

Cloud Catcher

All you need to prepare your own cuppa
If you're serious about your coffee, this might be the choice for you. From sophisticated-looking equipments to a wide variety of coffee beans, you can get 'em all here.

The coffee is freshly ground each week, so you know you're getting the best. Plus, the variety ensures that you can pick the ones that suits you and change up from time to time if you want variety.

The coffee equipment such as manual grinder, cupping bowls, filters, mugs and cups and more are easily purchased from the same company so you don't have to visit multiple websites to get what you need.

We also like that the company seem to care about sustainability (based on the what we see on the website) and contribute a small amount from your purchases towards charities.

Bean Shipper

What's your poison?
The name itself has the word 'shipper', so of course they ship. What we like most about Bean Shipper is the variety.

As an amateur coffee lover, we love to try different origins, blends and so on to learn more about 'em, as well as about our own taste in coffee. It's really exciting when we can find varieties at one place.

Bean Shipper also has a subscription option so you will never run out of coffee supply as long as you're signed up for it.

You can also get coffee equipment here so browse away and get whatever you need!

Okay, writing this article has given us a hankering for coffee.

Excuse us while we go get a cuppa and start ordering our own coffee stash.