The convenience store is probably the last place you would run to whenever you’re out of a certain makeup essential, unless you’re just looking for a travel-sized facial cleanser or deodorant.

Now, 7-Eleven just might have you covered in the beauty department the next time you drop by the store to get your morning coffee.

It’s happening – 7-Eleven has just launched a whole new makeup collection called Simply Me Beauty.

According to INSIDER, this debut collection comprises of 40 beauty products that the average woman would reach for every day, coupled with a very affordable price tag.

You’ve got items for the face, eyes and lips at a cost of just below USD5 (RM20.50). Talk about budget-friendly beauty!

They've got everything you need to dress up your eyes.
They may not have the most amazing selection of colours, but these face products will go a long way.
The sleek packaging is a nice touch.
We can’t say for sure that Simply Me Beauty will take over your Sephora favourites or affordable brands available at our local pharmacies like L’Oreal, Maybelline or SimplySiti. But the company is ready to take on the industry with quality yet affordable makeup.

The popular convenience store chain’s new launch came just in time to celebrate the year-end holidays.

However, Simply Me Beauty can only be found in the United States for now. Let’s hope that these goodies will get popular enough to hit our part of the world because we could definitely use more affordable makeup around here.