For decades, we’ve been exposed to the idea of aliens thanks to TV shows like the X-Files, Roswell, and Dr. Who. But have you ever wondered if these extra-terrestrial beings are actually real and hiding in plain sight or are they just fictional characters? Some speculate that they’ve been living amongst us since the pre-historic era while others reckon that they’re just bogus beings created by the magic of Hollywood studios and special effects.

Those who strongly believe in the existence of aliens are called “believers” (not to be mistaken with Beliebers) and often spend a copious amount of time in groups tracking these unexplainable creatures in search of 'the truth'. If you’ve watched a handful of Western shows, we’re pretty sure you’re familiar with Area 51, an area that the US government denies is being used to conduct secret extra-terrestrial activities.

According to Giorgio A. Tsoukalos, the guy famed for the alien meme and expert on Ancient Aliens, the US government has consistently denied the existence of such area, but not until recently. Tsoukalos claims to have seen “bizarre lights at that area from time to time” but has no clue about any alien-related activity there. You can watch our interview with him here:

So, how far have we come in uncovering 'the truth' about aliens? To date, there’s no scientific research that’s been able to prove the existence of these extra-terrestrial creatures, but there is an ample amount of strange discoveries around the world that may suggest some alien activity on Earth. Let’s take a look at seven of the most questionable discoveries around the planet:

Charama, India

Image: Amit Bhardwaj
10,000 year-old drawings have recently been discovered by archeologist dating back to the prehistoric era. The discovery was made in 2014 inside a cave where depictions of odd-looking tall beings that did not have a nose or mouth were plastered all over the walls. There were also a few other questionable paintings that were found in the same cave. So, not only are they plotting to take over Earth, they’re also trying to intimidate us with their painting skills that’ll put Picasso’s artworks to shame.

Zhejiang Province, China

An ancient man-made cavern with stairs, hallways, and massive 10-story tall pillars with no mention in any historical record was accidentally discovered by a local villager in Zhejiang Province. Chinese scholars suggest that the unique cavern, dubbed the “Ninth Wonder of the Ancient World”, probably dates back to 15,000 or more years ago. The level of detail and intricate designs could possible be a sign that these aliens were either planning to build a hipster underground bar but stopped due to budget issues or were trying to show off their architectural skills. Pfft.

Silves, Portugal

An egg-citing discovery was made in Portugal when a giant stone called the Algarve Egg was found buried. The egg has a weird DNA-like design on it that resembles the same design on other “cosmic eggs”. The sculpture dates back to 3500 B.C. and has been compared to Greek mythology.

Yakutia, Russia

In 1854, large metallic domes measuring between 6m to 9m in diametre that protrude from the ground were found by an expedition of the Russian Geographical Society. The domes were later linked to the legends of the Yakut people, who claim that the cauldrons could open up and send fireballs into the sky. Now we know where most Hollywood movies get their inspiration from.

Cajamarquilla, Peru

From a normal standing point of view, you might see some odd-looking holes, wondering who on Earth went on an excavation trip and left this mess. From an aerial view, these holes actually reveal a strange pattern and were definitely not man-made. These holes are called the “Band of Holes” (how catchy) and is believed to represent a type of message. Some concluded that these messages are meant to be uncovered by other extra-terrestrial beings. Who knows, the message may just be something from a mother alien that’s reminding her kids not to be home late for dinner.

Wiltshire, England

Image: BBC
Move over Stonehenge, because just last year, archeologists uncovered a type of Superhenge that was constructed hundreds of years prior to your existence. For many years, people have speculated that the Stonehenge serves as a burial site, but it is now believed to be remnants of an extra-terrestrial spaceport. In other words, it’s a valet parking for these aliens’ spaceships.

Arica, Chile

A cemetery containing 96 mummies predating those from Egypt by 4,000 years was unearthed by coastal workers back in 1983. The mummies are the oldest known in the world and were preserved similarly to the Egyptians’ method. Some people believe that these mummies are in fact, mummification samples and knowledge shared by aliens. This sounds like a bad sign for us. Haven’t these archeologists ever watched The Mummy? Don’t they know they’re not supposed to touch these fellas?! Let’s pray that they’ve acquired a priest to help ward off those disturbed spirits.

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