“I'm going solo-lo-lo-lo-lo-lo,” Blackpink’s Jennie may have crooned about being solo and there are definitely perks to it. There are differences between loneliness and solitude, so if you don’t have a life partner, embrace singledom!

Just because you’re alone doesn’t mean that you have to stay home alone and weep, because we’ve put together a list of things to do as a single person that you can do in the Klang Valley.

And hey, if you’re looking out, you might even make a new friend at one of these activities or even meet your future S.O. Read our list here:

1. Go on a Cultural Tour Led by Migrants

You may have heard of walking tours in cities, but Kembara Stories and Food Trail is a unique initiative that takes you on a guided tour through downtown KL from the point of migrant communities from Bangladesh, Nepal, Vietnam, and more with a food-tasting experience that allows participants to enjoy culinary cuisines from various cultures.

Supported by the Downtown Kuala Lumpur Grants Program from Think City, the project aims to change the negative stereotypes Malaysians typically have about the communities. Priced at RM60 for tour and lunch.


2. Visit the new immersive art gallery at REXKL

On 20 September, REXPERIENCE will open with its inaugural exhibit ‘Other World’ in the former cinema hall of REXKL. The 8,800 sq ft former cinema hall will include immersive audiovisual, motion capture and sensor technologies to allow technology and art to meet.

The hour long show will include cosmic, natural, urban, and abstract dimensions such as Traditional Masterpieces Revived in "Yume" by Fahmi Hosnan and Ashish Khilnan. Here, traditional masterpieces are reimagined through projection and motion such as ‘The Great Wave off Kanagawa’.

Tickets can be purchased here. RM80 with live performance, RM60 for regular performances. Open 10am to 10pm daily.

3. Join a Cooking Class at 19 Culinary Studio

Can’t cook? Or want to improve your culinary skills? Some cooking classes may feel intimidating if you don’t have experience (this writer still burns her toast), but the ones here are kept small and are conducted in a home kitchen environment with recipes which can be easily replicated at home. Their 2-hour classes vary each month and include making tantalising tarts, char siew, and more! Prices range from RM180 to RM210.


4. Climb your way to the top by Bouldering

Bouldering has become an extremely popular sport in recent years and is a great way to meet new friends and work out at the same time. There are numerous bouldering spots around the Klang Valley, so just search for the one nearest to you. Our pick is Bump Bouldering, a boutique gym catered towards both newbies and the experienced and offers 100 boulder obstacles to suit your climbing dexterity and endurance.


5. Visit the All-Pink Pinkidia Spa

Claiming to be the first and only ladies' spa in Malaysia, this spa brings the love of all things pink to another level. Any day is a good day to pamper yourself and destress, and you can even literally ‘mandi bunga’ here or go for a floral bath by soaking yourself in petals. Indulge in various treatments from head to toe with hair treatments and pedicures.


6. Sing Your Heart Out at an Open Mic Karaoke Bar

Opened earlier this year, A Quiet Place’s flagship space spans 17,000 sq ft and has a whopping 300,000 songs to choose from so that you can belt out your favourite tunes till your voice is hoarse. They have a space called GeTai, an open mic karaoke bar featuring a Shanghai theme where you can scan the QR code and wait for your turn to sing. There is also a Mini Studio with a solo room if you’re too shy to sing in front of others. Open from 12pm to 3am daily.


7. Have an Art Jamming Session at Yorokobi Art Studio

This well-established art jamming studio even includes its own café. Art jamming is an informal painting session where you can just let your creativity flow and meet new faces at the same time. They also have oil painting beginner workshops, wine-tasting ArtJam sessions, and more. Check out their monthly calendar on their website.


8. Spend a Day Hanging Out with Animals at A Petting Zoo

Tucked away at the Sunsuria Technology Park in Kota Damansara is theMINS@KD, which includes F&B outlets, event spaces, and animal petting zones. If you don’t fancy the company of humans, then this is the best place to visit. Here, you’ll see miniature horses, albino skunks, meerkats, prairie dogs, and maras, an adorable type of rodent up close.

Tickets are at RM 20 for all-day access until closing time. Free for children below 3 years old.


Image credit: A Quiet Place, @bumpbouldering, @pinkidia, @yorokobiart, @elainecyx, @radical_werks