Every country has its own culture and differences, so Malaysians who have had the privilege to study across the pond, closer to home in Australia or at other countries will have their experiences to share of the various differences.

One Twitter user recently posed a question to Malaysians asking, “What discoveries about overseas countries that are mind-blowing to you?” She shared that to her, it was surprising that the UK didn’t have a water purifier concept like Cuckoo, Coway, SK Magic that Malaysians have become accustomed to. The post quickly blew up as netizens chimed in to share some discoveries that were most surprising to them.

One filled in that it was the norm for girls in the UK to attend class without showering but to wear make-up. Err…beauty over B.O., we suppose? Also, if someone in Malaysia asks, “Hi, how are you?”, it would be to hear how the other person is doing but over there, it is more of a greeting.

Future parents might want to hop on a plane and emigrate to Canada to work instead because the benefits alone would make it totally worth it. Meanwhile when Malaysian fathers are away for a week, their bosses already start calling. Haiyo:

While many of us leave the house without any ringgit notes with cashless systems such as GrabPay and Touch ‘n Go eWallet in place, in the USA they don’t even use instant bank transfers. And people say Malaysia is not ‘canggih’. Eh, we not bad one, okay!

Vehicle detection sensors in parking lots have been introduced in Malaysian malls for as long as we can remember. Apparently to Americans though, ‘Disney is lowkey living in the future’. We’re lowkey chortling.

baby prams outside restaurant

Our mothers would have had a heart attack if they left us unattended for more than five minutes as a child. Scenarios of abduction and homicide would be flashing before their eyes. However, Scandinavians are pretty chill folk frequently leave their babies sleeping in prams outside restaurants even in Winter. Brrr!!!

Certain cities in countries such as Colombia and the Philippines have introduced a car rationing system to ban cars from driving on the road on certain days or times depending on the last number of their license plates. Hmm, maybe we need this in KL to combat the bumper to bumper traffic.

linghams chilli sauce

In Malaysia, food is life and life is food. And some food just tastes better with a dollop of chilli sauce. Even better if it’s our very own Lingham’s Chilli Sauce. Imagine eating KFC without chilli sauce! Better pack our own for our next trip.

Imagine if malls closed early here, especially on the weekends in the Klang Valley. Where would we even go?

Image source: facebook.com/@qmmalaysiansociety, @lissalaila