In the job market, you can be a valuable asset to any company if you’re able to speak more than two languages, especially in multinational or international companies.

Then you have someone like Wouter Corduwener, a Dutch national who can speak more than 25 languages including Spanish, French, Dutch, Arabic and Filipino.

Wouter is currently famous for his challenge videos where he’d approach a stranger and converse with them in their native tongue. If he fails? He’ll have to pay 20 euros. Fair play!

His videos have garnered more millions of views on TikTok, gaining him 98,000 followers to date. So far he has impressed many with his proficiency in many languages, down to the details in the dialects as well.

That’s not until he met a Kelantanese woman. Take a look below:

Despite being a Malaysian first, the Kelantanese woman was smart to use the dialect first as she asks him ‘kamu kecek kelate?

Wouter was able to speak confidently in Portuguese with the first person he interviewed. When he met the Kelantanse women, he knew he’d be 20 euros poorer by the end of the conversation.

However, this doesn’t mean Wouter isn’t a knowledgable polyglot. Based on his Youtube channel, he has done tons of videos such as this and succeeded in making his interviewees stunned and proud of their own languages.

Maybe he just needs to fly down to Kelantan and learn the language himself. While he’s at that, why not also try our lovely Nasi Kerabu.

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