Let's see a raise of hands: how many of you here have gone on your favourite shopping apps and bought stuff online just because you're bored staying at home during the Movement Control Order (MCO)?

It's OK, don't be shy, because a lot of Malaysians did that too.

It's no surprise that Malaysians love to shop online, but it's what they've been buying online that's surprising.

Interesting findings

E-commerce analytical company Commerce.Asia recently analysed the shopping behaviours of Malaysians during the MCO period, and some of their findings are pretty amusing, to say the least.

Their survey shows that the year-on-year Gross Merchandise Volume (GMV) saw a 149 per cent increase in the first quarter, around the same time that the MCO came into place.

That bit wasn't all that surprising, considering that Malaysians 1) do love to shop online and 2) boredom shopping is a thing.

Commerce.Asia then analysed online sales trends (30 days pre-MCO vs 30 days during the MCO) across all of their merchants, and the findings, we have to say, is pretty eye-opening:

Nah, your spending habits.
Ladies and gents, as you can see in the chart above, the ladies underwear category saw the highest increase in sales, with a whopping 909 per cent.

Interestingly, the sales of libido enhancers also saw a 104 per cent increase.

If you put two and two together, it's safe to say that Malaysians have been extremely productive during the MCO, if you know what we mean.

Not surprisingly, the sales of household products have also seen a pretty big increase, with the sales of latex gloves and kitchen utensils such as frying pans and woks seeing an increase of 888 per cent and 880 per cent respectively.

People are also buying more baby products, as sales of baby blankets (266 per cent) and baby clothing (83 per cent) saw an increase during the MCO period.

Household items like house carpets (156 per cent), home fitness equipments (200 per cent), toothpaste (134 per cent) and hair shampoo (325 per cent) were highly sought after, while food items like gelatine powder (347 per cent), salt (250 per cent), black seed oil (243 per cent) and apple cider vinegar (200 per cent) also saw an increase in sales.

So...what have you guys been spending on this MCO period?