Dogs are a man’s best friend not only because they are good companions, but they can actually save lives!

A ovarian cancer patient can attest to this.

Tess Robison from South Shields, South Tyneside, England said she is alive today because her pet dog, Lola, alerted her of her condition.

According to a report in Malay Mail quoting a report in Daily Mail, Robison had been suffering from back pain and bloating in recent times, but she thought she only had food intolerance.

It wasn't food intolerance

The dog will live like a princess, for sure
However, she realised that she may have something more serious, when Lola the Chihuahua jumped on her stomach one day, causing a lump to appear.

The shocked 41-year-old wasted no time to get it checked out and doctors told her that she has Stage Three ovarian cancer.

Robison said weeks prior to the jumping incident, Lola had been always staring at her.

“I know dogs can be intuitive and it was freaking me out a bit.”

“Then one day when I was suffering from particularly bad bowel pain, she jumped heavily onto my stomach,” she said.

Robison shared that her tumour measured 12 centimetres which made her look like she was four months pregnant.

She went through six rounds of chemotherapy as well as a full hysterectomy after her diagnosis in January.

Robison will know on Sept 23 if she is completely clear of cancer and she holds on a positive hope.

She is also completely grateful to Lola who might have just saved her life!

Let’s wish her a speedy recovery!