Maintaining a beautiful landscape isn’t an easy job, especially in big public areas.

So, when someone irresponsibly and intentionally damages those plants, all hell will break loose.

An act of vandalism?

Local brand came under fire recently after co-founder Nur Liyana Abdul Rahman shared a clip of a social media influencer modeling her clothes by lying on some plants in an attempt to get the perfect shot.

As the model was posing, a loud snap can be heard as the model tried to lay down in the flower bush, followed by a huge round of laughter right after the blunder.

The brand even wrote in the caption: “Women would do anything to get a beautiful photo. Indeed, in life, we need sacrifices.”

[SWIPE LEFT untuk tengok hasil dia] Perempuan memang gigih dalam semua perkara atau gigih untuk bergambar je ? Perempuan sanggup buat apa je untuk dapatkan gambar lawa kan . Hehe . Betul pepatah cakap , hidup perlukan PENGORBANAN ?

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The photoshoot reportedly took place near Kuala Lumpur’s River of Life, and the post caught the attention of the KL City Council (DBKL).

The council, in a Facebook post, said that the offenders have destroyed DBKL property under the Vandalism By-laws (WPKL) as they carried out a photoshoot without the mayor’s consent.

“All the flowers and small bushes planted were meant to beautify the area, not to be destroyed,” DBKL said.

River of Life KL’s official Instagram page also addressed the issue, asking: “Was it worth it to sacrifice public property for the sake of a photo?”

“Bring your enthusiasm elsewhere. Get ready to be compouned if the plants are destroyed.”

Netizens echoed the same sentiments and said that their act was irresponsible and DBKL should take action against them.

So guys, think twice before getting that Instagram-worthy photo. Are you sacrificing yourself or other things for the sake of it?