Chicken and beef are extremely popular for burgers. These meats are certainly failure-proof but one can never deny that variety is the spice of life!

Discover other offerings that have substituted chicken and beef between two buns and have hit a home run on the palate!

From the land that brought you a smorgasbord of street food, is now showboating with burgers!

Image: Facebook/HH+ Haven Harbour

1) HH+ Haven Harbour

Occupying the corner lot at Chime Heritage, this cafe has been garnering warm accolades from burger purists. Levitating over pork and chicken selections is the Mentaiko Salmon Burger - baked salmon fillet perched on a bun, topped with Japanese seaweed and homemade Mentaiko mayo and accompanied by fresh salad and a serving of golden fries. Each mouthful is meant to act as a bridge to Japan through your taste buds.

Image: Foursquare

2) Black Kettle

Cafe hopping in Penang is never complete without paying Black Kettle a visit. There’s something on the menu that can satisfy any palate and one of the mainstays is their soft shell crab burger! The crab, which is crispy on the outside while retaining the juiciness inside, sits between a brioche bun and is blanketed with lime mayo, micro herb and arugula salad while french fries and cherry tomatoes consort as sides. Yum!

Image: Foursquare

3) 43 Cafe

No pork lover could go wrong at 43 Cafe! The menu comprises a decent selection of pork delights but for the most interesting take, check out the Fork Pork Blanket. Imagine tender and juicy pulled pork (slow-cooked for 8 hours with herbs and no sauce!), lettuce and cherry tomatoes shrouded by a generous helping of bacon strips and held together by sesame buns. The best part? It tastes better than your imagination! Don’t forget to end your climax with their homemade ice creams!

Image: Facebook/The Chef’s Table

4) The Chef’s Table

Can’t decide between fish & chips or burger? Then The Chef’s Table is the place to be. This restaurant is rather a Toy R’ Us of affordable Western delicacies and among the crowd-pleasers got to be the fish burger. Generous portions of deep-fried fish fillets, sandwiched between onion rings and greens find a happy home between two halved buns. After you are done taking in the beauty, scarf it down with a side of french fries.

Image: Facebook/Veggielicious Cafe

5) Veggielicious Cafe

If you have a stigma that vegetarian food is dull and uninspiring, then you’ve got to visit this cafe. Why? Because they’ll prove you wrong! Two burgers on the menu - D’Fungi Cheesy Burger comes with a mushroom patty topped with cheese, lettuce, soy bacon and three sauces, while bun topped with a vegetable patty, mushrooms sauteed with onions, cheese, lettuce and three sauces complete D’ Veggie Burger. For once, mums will be happy that you ate a burger!

Image: Facebook/Aqua Lab

6) Aqua Lab

Resoundingly crispy and juicy calamari are always a winner in our books, so why not load them between burgers? And that’s what this new eatery, situated in the heart of Georgetown, offers! The mouthwatering morsels sit on a charcoal bun and greens and topped off with spicy chili sauce. Oh, and you can choose either crispy waffle fries or curly fries to complete the platter. Did someone say yummy combo?!

Image: Foursquare

7) Charlie’s Burger @ Batu Ferringhi

Roadside burger stalls are the bees’ knees when it comes to a quick burger fix and here is one that has customers returning religiously for cheap and tasty burgers. However, the lamb burger is capable of giving chicken and beef the cold shoulder. The meat, juicy and tender, slathered with a medley of sauces and veggies, completed with butter-toasted buns, is what you need while strolling along the Batu Feringgi beach.

Image: Foursquare

8) Rain Garden Restaurant

Hidden at the heart of Pulau Tikus, this picture-perfect restaurant probably wouldn't be your first thought when seeking a sumptuous burger, but it’s known to offer meat-guzzlers sheer satisfaction. The lamb burgers are popular among the diners - from thick and delicious patty on a sesame-capped bun to sides of fries and oh-so-saucy colourful salad, it’s meant to banish your hunger pangs delightfully. Add a glass of wine and wallow in the romantic vibes.

Image: Facebook/DClassic by DMarta

9) DClassic by DMarta

Another stellar spot to scarf down soft shell crab burgers! And yes, pictures don’t lie, the crab comes in a huge portion, perfectly encapsulated with that oomph of crispy texture. The rudimentary veggies, cheese and copious amount of sauces do nothing but elevate the flavours of the whole burger. Sign us up now!