How many times have you struggled to remember important dates?

While the advent of technology like social media makes your life easier by reminding you of important dates like birthdays and anniversaries, it is always good to keep those dates in mind.

For one Malaysian, the feat comes easy.

Khivakshinni Amarendran has the ability to pinpoint the day of any date between 1900 to 2035 without using any calendar references.

According to a report in Varnam Malaysia, on April 27, the 18-year-old got recognition for her talent from the Malaysia Book of Records.

The national record was awarded for ‘identifying the most number of days correctly by an individual in total of 53 days. 

Khivakshinni, also dubbed as the human calendar, told the portal that she was incredibly happy about her accomplishment and felt overwhelmed with the feat as it was something she wanted to achieve for so many years.

A report in Free Malaysia Today, mentioned that Khivakshinni, who was diagnosed with Asperger syndrome, when she was just three, enjoys seeing numbers in calendars and started poring over them during her free time.

Eventually, she discovered that she had developed a photographic memory and could remember the dates and days on a calendar.

When her parents got to know about the gift, they started testing her and

Needless to say, this left her parents speechless. They tested her with more dates and amazed that she got them all correct.

The news portal also quoted Khivakshinni’s mother Darshanni Raaj as saying that she is very proud of the daughter’s talent.

“I don’t know where this talent is going to take her, but it’s a talent. She really deserves recognition and I hope that she is as proud of her talent as I am.

“For other parents who are on the same journey, never ever give up. Keep believing in your child as your journey is going to be an amazing one. Celebrate each day and each milestone of your journey with your child,” she was quoted as saying.

Wishing you all the best, Khivakshinni!

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