iiCity's service offers homestay bookings that include transport.

The service at iiCity.com has over 1,575 members and 700 listings currently around Malaysia. These listings have mostly been concentrated around cities like Malacca, Penang, and Kuala Lumpur, but more are being added. Transportation to your homestay of choice is subject to the property. Some offer transport, while others don't and pickup locations are dependent on individual listings.

"Where *do* you want to go?" Image: iicity.com
Things to know if you're the Host

If you're looking to host, here's what you need to know. Listing is absolutely free on the site. You have to register and provide proper identification and once your listing is successfully booked, there is a 3% fee paid to iiCity.com. You receive payment three days after your guest checks out.

Things to know if you're a Guest

Booking fees are 12% but 5% to 9% of the total cost of the stay is returned to you as a rebate for your next booking. Rebates are stackable. There is also a Google Streeview feature built into the site that's available on individual listings. Otherwise, the site pretty much looks like Airbnb with a lot of grammatical errors.

Studio in Penang. Image: iicity.com
It's about time a local startup tapped into the potential of tourism in Malaysia and iiCity.com is a great first step. We perused the site and found some nice listings in Penang that range from RM150 a night to RM950 a night for six guests.

Go ahead and recommend this site to your friends travelling into town from overseas and support a Malaysian company.