A couple of months ago, we talked about Malaysia's very own Batman who has his own Batpod and Batmobile.

Since DC Comics already has a Malaysian representative, another man has stepped up to represent Marvel in Malaysia. (Cue debate between fans of DC and Marvel on who is better)

Mohd Faizal Muda calls himself 'Iron Man Temerloh' after his favourite superhero.

Will Iron Man Temerloh save us from Thanos?
According to Sinar Harian, the 34-year-old owns a number of staple items stamped with the Iron Man theme, such as clothes, bags, shoes, watches, belts, and not one, but two complete Iron Man suits!

It's almost identical! Minus the superpowers lah.
Ten years ago, the Iron Man fan started his collection with the character's famous helmet worth RM800. In 2014, he decided to go on a personal mission to build his collection.

Over the years, he has invested more than RM30,000 just to look and feel a bit more like the Marvel comic character whom he has idolised since he was a kid.

Besides that, he also transformed his Proton Wira into an Iron Man-inspired car that has won him several awards across Malaysia.

What's next for Iron Man Temerloh?
Now before you start judging Faizal's dedication and investment on a fictional superhero, Iron Man Temerloh said that he began materialising his childhood dream only after he had started working and earning a stable income.

Not only does he satisfy his own hobby and interest in the Marvel universe, he also gets invited to entertain children at schools and hospitals, as well as blood donation drives and charity events.

We did imagine him to be slightly taller though.
So what's next for Iron Man Temerloh? Will he build his own Stark Tower that is not like Menara TM? We'll just have to follow his Facebook to find out.