Audemars-Piguet is arguably one of the most exclusive watch brands in the whole wide world.

Founded in 1875, AP has made a name for itself as a brand that pushes the boundary when it comes to watch designs and exclusivity.

However, their latest creation is out of this world - quite literally, because it looks more like an Ultraman communicator or something.

Looks like an alien communicator.
Called the Sapphire Orbe, this ladies watch is made to wear as a bracelet. In fact, it has a cover to conceal the watch. But when you invert it, it reveals the watch’s 18-carat white gold dial paved with graded orange sapphires.

You can call it a very atas version of hide-and-seek.

Time to break the bank.
According to AP, the Sapphire Orbe -- named after a river that crosses Le Brassus, the place where AP is from -- is made from 12,000 diamond and sapphire stones, each one of them "rigorously selected, individually cut and set by hand".

The petal-shaped rings that make up the timepiece are snow-set with diamonds and graded sapphires in six graded shades of blue and orange.

Here's the cool part: depending on the angle you look at it, the Sapphire Orbe changes colour.

The only thing it can't do? Call in a spaceship. We think lah.

Shine bright like a diamond.
Interestingly, AP revealed that it takes approximately 1,050 hours to gem-set this piece.

And because it requires a lot of hard work to hand craft this watch, you would think that it's going to break your bank if you want to get one.

Guess what? You're absolutely right.

The retail price for the Saphire Orbe is set at CHF895,000 (RM3.67mil), which costs more than a luxury condominium located in Mont Kiara.

An entire luxury condo on your hand.
However, this isn't the first time Audemars-Piguet has shocked the world with its out-of-the-ordinary, outside-the-box watch designs.

Back in 2017, they debuted their also quite extra Diamond Outrage piece at the Salon International de la Haute Horlogerie (SIHH) convention (it's like Comic-Con, but for luxury watch enthusiasts).

Like a durian on your wrist.
The Diamond Outrage is crafted with 18K white gold and include prominent spikes set with a total of 9,923 brilliant-cut diamonds (50.06 carats) and 354 baguette-cut diamonds (15.85 carats).

That's, like, 10,000 more diamonds than we can afford. We'll just stick with our G-Shock, thanks.