This image was found by MacRumours inside the latest Mac OS Sierra update and the internet has analysed the picture inside out. From the depth of the keyboard to the ethnicity of the hand in the photograph. Here are some things they've discovered based on the picture:

The function keys have been replaced with a Magic Toolbar.

The black bar is reportedly a touch-sensitive strip that developers can use to place contextual shortcuts to their apps. It will also act as a Touch ID reader which could allow for Apple Pay on the Mac. This isn't confirmed of course, and the name Magic Toolbar is also an educated guestimate. Not sure how we'll adjust the screen's brightness or adjust the volume. Or even "Esc" from apps.

The keyboard is shallow like the 12-inch MacBook

This is a case of judging a book by its cover but in the close-up shot, the keyboard really looks a lot like the keyboard of the 12-inch. Because the keyboard is so thin, it's safe to assume the next point.

It's going to be a lot thinner. Like Christian Bale in The Machinist thin

The thin conjecture paired with Apple's need to be "courageous" and remove essential ports means that more ports are going to be missing from the MacBook Pro. We're going to guess bye-bye to USB 3 ports and that SDXC card slot. They might remove the headphone jack, but that would be too much even for Apple.

These are perfunctory guesses of course, and a perfunctory effort on this writer to use the word of the day: perfunctory. The 'Hello Again' Mac event is scheduled for October 27, 10am PDT, or October 28, 1am to 3am for us, Malaysians.