Alec Lim is the founder of Beno Technologies based in Penang and he is the creator of the Reevo Bike, featuring wheels without spokes, the e-bike has a range of 60km and a top speed of 25km/h.

The futuristic bike also features biometric lock, GPS detection, and anti-theft technologies that will allow you to leave your bike unlatched to tiangs all over town.

Reevo hubless bike

The bike was designed by Alec who studied Manufacturing Engineering and worked for Fortune 500 companies like Motorola and Keysight Technologies. He came up with the hubless wheel prototype design, a first in the world.

An avid cyclist himself, he turned down a dream job in 2016 to start Beno Technologies where he began prototyping the hubless wheels. In his words, he co-founded Beno Technologies with the goal of pioneering e-bike innovation and creating the perfect e-bike for the modern urban cyclist.

After a successful Indiegogo campaign that raised RM28.7 million in November 2020, the bikes are now in production and are ready to be shipped. The campaign achieved 200% of its goal in only 15 minutes.

reevo hubless bike
What's more, the production is done 100% in Penang and provides skilled labour jobs to the locals which elevates the local economy. If more skilled labourers stayed in Malaysia, we'd be able to increase the overall quality of work locally and provide better pay for graduates. Here's hoping they expand to manufacture more products locally.

Innovation comes at a pretty penny however and the bike costs RM11,823 for the standard Reevo Airless and RM13,970 for the Reevo Premium Airless.

We're in no way capable of owning this bike but if you know Mr. Alec, please give him a call for us. We'd like to review for free. Video, 4k UHD advertisement, whatever, we just want to have a go at it.

Watch how the sausage (bike) gets made in their production video below: