Afraid of spiders? Then, you’d better stay away from this story.

A photographer who was staying in a reserve in Ecuador, was puzzled when he started noticing baby spiders appearing in his bedroom.

Gil Wizen then decided to find where they are coming from and found what, to us, looks like a scene from Ron Weasley's nightmare.

He reached for his camera instead of a torch

His search led to him finding one of the world's most venomous spiders under his bed!

He found a Brazilian Wandering Spider the ‘size of his hand’, protecting her cluster of offspring. Wizen couldn’t help but snap photos of the intriguing scene.

"Not only there were literally thousands of spiderlings under the bed, right beside them rested one of the biggest 'non-tarantula' spiders I have ever seen. Its body length was 45mm but with its leg span it could easily cover my hand," Wizen said on his blog.

Wizen’s incredible photo titled ‘The spider room’ also won him a Wildlife Photographer of the Year award for Urban Wildlife

MAIN IMAGE: Wizen via Wildlife Photographer of the Year Twitter