When we think of travelling abroad, most of us will think of KLIA’s announcements, the smell of aeroplanes and escalator goodbyes at the departure gate.

For some, it’s also Malaysia Airlines’ welcoming hospitality. If you’re used to travelling with Malaysian Airlines, you’d most probably be familiar with their nostalgic safety briefing videos you can watch on the little screen at their seats.

Taking that as an inspiration. Malaysia Airlines teamed up with Tiara Jacquelina and the innovative team at Enfiniti to bring ‘One Two Three, Let’s Go!’, a brand new safety briefing video in a vibrant musical form featuring numerous Malaysian celebrities and cultural nods in 7-minutes of informative fun.

The video is filled with cameo appearances too. From legendary gymnast Farah Ann, power couple Yusry KRU & Lisa Surihani and even the Ola Bola ensemble. Diana Danielle also pops in to raise the curtains for the stewardesses, starting the video strong with amazing choreography and head-thudding music composition.

When asked about the idea itself, Tiara Jacquelina said that the idea for the video came during the pandemic: “I received the call from Malaysia Airlines in October last year at the very height of the pandemic; when the entertainment industry was at its lowest ebb and we as a country were so down and dispirited. That phone call and the vision I had in my mind were so vivid and exciting that I couldn’t sleep for days, just obsessing about putting this together. I envisioned this project uplifting and giving hope to the performing arts and entertainment industry so badly impacted by the pandemic, as well as lifting the spirits of all Malaysians.

However, this is not the first Malaysia Airlines video that managed to inject a sense of intense rindu for travelling. Last year, the airline posted an ASMR video of every sound we dearly missed from their flights.

As much as we miss the old nostalgic video, this video is a breath of fresh air for passengers to watch and digest while waiting for the plane to take off.

Aside from that, the video also showcased our talented performing arts industry players and their astounding capabilities. Hopefully, more corporate profiles will invest in our arts - because what is art if it’s not a reflection of us as a society?

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