Find yourself feeling a bit stressful lately? Longing for your dream vacation away from that pile of work and maybe, your pesky colleagues? Well, perhaps it’s a sign that you should take some time off from work to unwind and go on a relaxing holiday.

According to a study by Zipjet, a London-based cleaning service, these are the top five most stress-free cities in the world.

#1 Stuttgart, Germany

The stunning  Neues Schloss (New Palace).
Home to one of the most luxurious cars on Earth, you can visit the Mercedes-Benz Museum in Stuttgart. If you still have some adrenaline rush from seeing all those fast cars, you can also drop by the Porsche Museum. Cars not your thing? Roam around Wilhelma; a zoo and botanical park located in the gorgeous 19-century former royal park.

#2 Luxembourg

It's even breathtaking at night!
This small European country is known for its infamous Notre-Dame Cathedral which we’ve seen featured in countless of movies. There are tonnes of historical castles and palaces for you to explore, so if you’re a history geek, you’re in for a treat.

#3 Hanover, Germany

The majestic New Town Hall.
Hanover might be a handful to explore as it has tonnes of attractions, such as the picturesque 17th century Herrenhausen Gardens, the castle-city hall known as the New Town Hall, the breathtaking river Leine, and just endless of museums waiting for you to check out.

#4 Bern, Switzerland

Beautiful Bern! Super insta-worthy.
How does eating Swiss chocolate by the longest river in Switzerland sound? Or taking a tranquil walk with your loved ones at the Bern Rose Garden? Sounds relaxing, eh? Bern is such a lovely, charming town that you'll immediately fall in love at first sight.

#5 Munich, Germany

Intricate beauty of the interior of Royal Palace, Munich.
It’d be a shame if you visit Munich but missed the chance to see for yourself one of the most popular and fairytale-like castles in the world – the Neuschwanstein Castle. If you’re a castle/palace person, Munich is definitely the place to be. After a tiring day, you can laze around and enjoy the beauty of the English Garden.