We can't get enough of shopping malls, can we?

If you stay in Johor Baru and you've always been envious that the people in the big city get to hang out at lavish shopping malls every day, don't worry; something big is coming your way.

Capital 21, set to be JB's biggest thematic shopping mall, is set to open later this month.

Looks pretty nice, right?
The 1.2 million square feet entertainment mall (that's what they are calling it) is located in Tampoi and is set to open on 17 October.

And here's the thing: this is one mall unlike what we've seen before.

So many floors, so little time.It features so many attractions and things to do and see, you'll probably spend an entire week in there without even realising it.

We try our best to list down what you can expect to find in the mall, so be prepared to be amazed:

#1 Thematic floors

If you've always wanted to know what it feels like to go shopping in Europe, America or the Middle East, you can do it all here.

Capital 21 boasts five city-themed shopping levels: Asia, Europe, America, Australia and the Middle East/Africa.

The America-themed floor.The Australia-themed level.The Asia-themed level.
The Middle East-themed level.
The Europe-themed level.
From the Eiffel Tower to giant Japanese lanterns and giant windmills, each level will feature decor from at least six iconic cities to represent its respective continents.

If you've always wanted to have a good cup of coffee in Australia or having a croissant in France, you can do it right here.

#2 Indoor theme park

All fun and games.
And not just any theme park; it is set to become the largest indoor theme park in the whole of South East Asia!

Spanning two floors, the theme park, run by MGM Studio, will be divided into three main zones: Movie Planet, Music Planet and Cartoon Planet.

Movie Planet is where you'll find most of the thrilling rides and games. Music Planet offers musicals and circus shows to keep you entertained.

Daily circus shows for your entertainment.Cartoon Planet, meanwhile, offers rides and games for kids so your little ones will be entertained as well.

There's really something for everyone at this mall.

#3 World Museum

How do you know a shopping mall is being over-the-top? When it has its own museum.

Learn about the world while shopping.
If you're not a fan of shopping or thrilling theme park rides, the World Museum is the place for you.

The first of its kind in Malaysia, you will get to learn more about the world's history of development, innovation and growth...while your other half is busy shopping.

Saturday afternoon well spent.