It seems like K-pop girl group NewJeans are taking over the world, setting records left and right for their catchy songs internationally and even being named as a ‘2023 Next Generation Leader’ by TIME Magazine.

The five-member group behind the single ‘Ditto’ have previously collaborated with McDonalds for a NewJeans meal earlier this year. It was decorated with their signature adorable bunny mascot and denim blue, but it was unfortunately unavailable in our country.

Now, according to Soompi, the influential girl group will be partnering with the brand again for a special campaign that will span across ten different regions across asia. They first posted a teaser on 25 May with the words of their hit single ‘OMG’ in McDonald’s signature yellow colour.

On 26 May, McDonald’s Korea officially posted the dates and destinations for the campaign. It will kick off in South Korea on 1 June and land on Malaysian shores on 7 September. It will also be available in other countries such as the Philippines, Thailand, Indonesia, Brunei, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore, and Vietnam.

The campaign, which is titled ‘NewJeans Chicken Dance Campaign’ will involve special advertisements with the girl group and special packaging for specific chicken menu items offered in each country (which will vary from region to region).

According to Soompi, a spokesperson for McDonald’s Korea commented, “This campaign, which is led by McDonald’s Korea, will be enjoyed by customers in 10 different regions across Asia. We are very happy, because we think it may become a special memory.”

“Through events such as a dance challenge with NewJeans, we will do our best to make this campaign a success so that customers in a wide variety of markets can enjoy a new and unique experience,” they added.

K-pop girl group ITZY have also previously shot advertisements for the brand, despite not having a meal set with their branding. Back in 2021, when McDonalds launched the BTS meal, there were long queues to pick up the meals while ARMY even washed and displayed the packaging that came with it.

Will you be heading to McDonalds when it comes out?

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