There’s no denying the fact that roads are usually built on the ground.

However, have you seen a road that leads upwards towards the sky?

A Japanese photographer had captured such a road and posted the intriguing image on her Twitter page @marii_a73.

The photo has since raked up hundred of thousands of views and we can understand why.

Not sorcery, just shutter speed

According to a report in SoraNews24, the photo was taken at the Osaka International Airport and the blue lights that form the sky-bound road part of the runway illumination.

The report said @mariii_a73 took the beautiful shot by using an extra-slow shutter speed to take a photo as a plane was taking off.

This turned the light from its exterior markers into solid lines in the image.

@mariii_a73 describes her artistic work as “I love colourful things!”.

And we in turn, love your amazing photography skills!

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