Gucci has done all sorts of collaborations with other brands or pop culture icons over the years but nothing could’ve prepared you for their latest one.

To usher in the upcoming Chinese New Year celebrations in 2021, Gucci has partnered with animated TV show ‘Doraemon to create a special collection.

As Gucci describes, Doraemon is a cat-shaped robot that arrived from the 22nd century to both help and torment his best friend, Nobita, using a plethora of gizmos stashed inside his “four-dimensional pouch.”

Doraemon fever

Watch and bag.
Gucci and Doraemon all over.Gucci's signature hues.
This special collection encompasses over 50 items from handbags, coats, jackets, t-shirts, track pants to shoes.

But don’t expect much on its design as the Italian fashion house uses images of Doraemon in various expressions and plastered it all over their stuff.

At least this sweater's cute.
Cool loafers!
No other characters from the show were included in the collection.

According to Hypebeast, the collection is priced between £140 and £3,960 GBP (RM770.23 - RM 21,786.43) and is now available on Gucci’s web store and select Gucci stores worldwide before its official launch on 12 January.

So, is this collection going to be a must-have for your or a pass?