If you have cats a thome, you probably would know how mischievous those little rascals can be.

They will drive you up the wall sometimes, but their cute little faces would melt your heart in an instant.

Here’s a perfect example.

Got trapped in car

Look at his cheeky face.
According to a Twitter post that has since gone viral, a ginger tabby cat by the name Oyen somehow got stuck in a car and it did the best thing it could think of to call for help.

Oyen apparently turned on the car’s hazard lights.

Sound ridiculous? We know it does, but it's a true story!

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The peculiar incident was shared by Twitter user @hanisschokman, who uploaded a screenshot of the conversation she had with her father regarding the stowaway cat.

According to the screenshot, her father spotted their cat in their neighbour’s car when he was about to lock the gate of their house.

Spot the cat.
We know what you're thinking: how did the cat get in the car in the first place?

Hanis’ father said Oyen likely snuck into the neighbour’s car when they were taking stuff out from the car boot.

How the cat got into the car.
Hanis later shared a video of Oyen getting rescued by her neighbour:

Hanis’ tweet garnered a lot of attention from Twitter users with over 40,000 retweets and over 29,000 likes on the social media site.

The netizens also seemed to be really amused by Oyen's cheeky adventure:

Mark our words: cats will take over the world one day and we'll have to bow to them.