A lot of you gamers out there are definitely looking forward to receiving your pre-ordered PlayStation 5 (PS5) now that the console has been officially released.

Some of you have been flexing real hard on Instagram while others await for your parcel anxiously.

But what if, the PS5 you’ve been anticipating to arrive turns out to be something different in the mail?

Nightmare for gamers

Which one did you get?
Over on Twitter, netizens have been sharing their bad experiences unboxing their PS5.

To their horror, instead of getting the Sony game console, some of them received odd items ranging from cat food, broomsticks to even air fryers.

Apparently some customers who have pre-ordered their PS5 from Amazon received the wrong item propmting the hashtag #AmazonPS5Scam on Twitter.

What’s even more heartbreaking for the gamers is that some of them couldn’t get the correct items but a refund instead as the item has completely sold out.

Hope we Malaysians don't encounter the same nightmare!

The PlayStation 5 has officially landed in Malaysia and retails from RM1,869 to RM2,299.