Worried that your furry, feathery or even scaly pet child is feeling a little lonely while you're at work?

Well, Spotify may have a solution for you.

The music streaming service recently launched a new feature which allows owners to create playlists for pets.

Several types of pets to choose from

Five different animals to choose from.
The feature allows you to choose between five different kinds of animals - dogs, cats, iguanas, birds and hamsters.

The final playlist is created using an algorithm that considers your usual listening habits and your pet's personality traits.

Very the canggih-manggih kan?

We gave it a go

At Rojak Daily, we love our animal friends and of course we had to try it out too!

We followed Spotify's instructions and created an imaginary pet bird called Suganya (who btw, is not at all related to our writer, Suganya) and the results were too cute!
Suganya (the bird)'s characteristics.
Suganya the bird's playlist, included tracks such as 'You'll See Me Rise' by Elijah N feat Bennet, 'Magic' by Coldplay and 'Birdie' by Avril Lavigne.
The adorable graphics by Spotify only adds to the charm of this feature.

Research on pets and music sparked idea for new feature

According to a report by Channel News Asia, Spotify released the feature conducting a survey which revealed that almost 71% of United Kingdom pet-owners played music for their pets.

Backed by research.

The survey also noted that 42% of pet owners believed that their animal friends had a favourite type of tune while a quarter of them said that they have actually seen their pets dancing to music.

So go ahead. Try it out. Even if you don't have a pet, create an imaginary one and see what your pet playlist looks like.