Remember your favourite childhood snack, Super Ring?

The awesome cheezy snack that you used to put around your fingers and pretend that they’re real rings has now made its way to the land of K-dramas and K-pop.

And it’s all thanks to two members of arguably the most influential K-pop group of the year, Jennie and Jisoo of BLACKPINK.

Twitter user @moonstarbyulie recently shared that because of Jennie and Jisoo, Super Ring is now sold in South Korea.

The girls’ influence has also caused the affordable snack to be sold for KRW1,200 (RM4.30) per bag, which is almost three times the original price in Malaysia.

How is this possible, you may ask? And no, they weren’t sponsored by Super Ring.

Apparently, during BLACKPINK’s concert in Malaysia, Jennie and Jisoo stopped by our local 7-11 and were over the moon when they found the snack.

Both girls said that the snack was “so good” after trying it first time in Singapore in a vlog they filmed.

“We thought that there would be more here. I’ll be searching for it from now on,” Jisoo said.

So… does that mean the girls who are also known as ‘Jensoo’ by their fans return to Malaysia on another Super Ring snack hunt?

Keep on dreaming until it happens, BLINKS!