Dogs are known as man’s best friend.

This story that was shared by popular content creator, Khairul Aming on his social media channels, will prove that.

Khairul shared in a video that he and his friends recently went on a hiking trip and met a loving and faithful dog.

Being drawn to it, they named it Pali as it reminds them of their friend.

They fed a biscuit to the dog and were surprised when it started following them on the hike.

Special "tour guide"


thank you pali sebab guide kitaorg hiking. dia baik sangattt ???

♬ Konoha Peace - R A Y

Khairul said Pali acted as the group’s ‘tour guide’ along the 12-kilometre hike and helped check the area for wild animals.

He said Pali also helped the road ahead to make sure it’s safe.

“Pali guided us until we reached a river stream at the end of the track. We then rewarded him with sandwiches, and we gave him nasi lemak,” he said.

Khairul added that Pali also waited for them while they enjoyed swimming at the stream and even escorted them back to their cars.

Khairul’s video garnered over two million views on TikTok over one million views on Twitter.

Kudos to Khairul and his friends who showed kindness to a stray dog!

MAIN IMAGE: Tiktok/KhairulAming