Our blood ran coal when we watched the first ingredient in this sambal recipe. Posted on TikTok by user Apaovlog, the man in the video can be seen stir-frying rocks with blended cilies, ginger, sugar, and other spices.

Our comprehension of this recipe is rocky at best but based on the ingredients we can infer that he's making some sort of sambal. Sambal kicap on the rocks with a twist?

The video takes a turn when he fishes out a... fish (can anyone tell us what fish that is) by hand and chops it up with a stony expression.

The video ends with the man laying it down on the rocks. We're still not sure what the utility of those stones had, maybe they were added for sedimental value.

All we know is, we need to be boulder with our ingredient choices because this video already has 6 million views on TikTok and was posted only three days ago.

Watch the video below and don't take any ingredients for granite.

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