If we look at the Movement Control Order (MCO) in a different light, there are some silver linings.

With the MCO forcing many food businesses (including our favourite joints) to shutter - and not to mention the COVID-19 scare that we have on food delivery - we are left with just our own cooking skills to survive.

This stay-at-home period actually brings out the cook in us, even novice ones, because let's face it, we all have to eat no matter what happens around the world.

In fact, people in China, South Korea, and Italy, who have to stay at home due to the outbreak in their countries, have reportedly picked up cooking projects as new hobbies.

How cool is that?

To aid you along in this journey to prepare something edible to stave off your hunger pangs, several local chefs have taken to social media to share with you simple meals that you can make at the comfort of your homes.

We know that most of you guys have your pantry stocked with food items like canned tuna or salmon, chickpeas, lentils, nut butter, and pasta, so, we’ve compiled some of the recipes shared by these chefs to aid you along in your everyday meals.

Marina Mustafa (@marinamustafa)

Learn how to cook like Marina.
While we have well-known chefs from all over the world whipping up their favourite meals for everyone to try out, we have our local cooking stars who are equally experienced as well. One such chef is chef Marina Mustafa.

She is a well-known chef who is capable of cooking traditional and unconventional dishes.

Banyak nya kentang didapur saya hari ni dan saya pula, terasa sangat nak makan Puri. Jadi, terpaksa lah saya masak Air fried Puri dan Pressure Cooked Aloo Matar untuk sarapan hari ni! Air Fried PURI Marina... 1. Letakkan 1 cawan tepung gandum, 1/2 sk serbuk jintan putih , 2 sb minyak sapi & 1 sk garam didalam mangkuk besar. 2. Tuangkan 1/4 cawan air kepada bancuhan tepung & uli sehingga menjadi doh. Rehatkan selama 15 minit. 3. Bulatkan 20 bebola doh dan leperkan dengan penggulung pastri. Cucuk kan disk doh dengan garfu. 4. Gorengkan puri didalam Air Fryer yang dipanaskan ke 200deg. Air fry selama 3 minit. ALOO MATAR Marina.... 1. Tekankan Sear/Bake di Pressure Cooker. Tuangkan 2 sb minyak kedalam inner pot. 2. Pijar kan 3 tangkai daun kari , 1 helai daun salam & 1 sk jintan putih. 3. Masukkan 2 bawang merah dicincang, 1 sk halia kisar & 1 sk bawang putih kisar. Tumis sehingga wangi. 4. Masukkan 1/2 sk serbuk kunyit, 2 sk serbuk ketumbar & 1 sk serbuk cili. 5. Masukkan 6 kentang dipotong dadu & 4 sb tomato puri. Gaul bersama. 6. Tutupkan tudung pressure cooker & pusing kan injap ke ‘seal’ 7. Tekankan ‘stim’ dan ‘start’ 8. Apabila sudah siap & stim sudah dilepaskan, buka kan tudungnya Dan perasakan Aloo Matar dengan 1 sk garam, 1 sk garam masala & 1/2 cawan kacang pis. Gaulkan dan tutupkan tudung balik. 9. Untuk menghidang, taburkan dengan daun ketumbar. #purirecipe #poorirecipe #puri #resipipuri #poori #aloomatarrecipe #alomatar #resipialoomatar #potato #kentang #resipiairfryer #resipimudah #resipi #resipipressurecooker #resipisenang #senangmasak #kongsiresipi #marinamustafarecipes #philipsairfryer #resipimarinamustafa #philipspressurecooker #philipsallinonecooker #philipsmy #philips_my #marinamustafacooks #marinamustafa #recipesharing

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She also writes cookbooks (in Bahasa Malaysia and English), develops recipes for clients, contributes articles to newspapers and magazines, hosts cooking shows and conducts cooking demonstrations. Her social media feed is full of the dishes that she has made and she also shares recipes for her followers to try, especially during this stay home period.

Try her easy to make Puri and Aloo Matar (a potato dish) made with air fryer and pressure cooker.

Eina Azman (@eina_azman)

A good chef with good looks.
Eina Azman is a local actress and influencer who has a passion for cooking.

She often features her cooking videos on her Instagram page to the delight of her close to two million followers.

Alhamdullilah dah siap buat Durian Crepe Musang King ? Siapa nak Full Resipe Durian Crepe Musang King ni Comment kat bawah “NAKKKKKK” baru eina akan share? serious resipe dia mudah n confirm sedap BAHAN DURIAN CREPE ? 1 Sb Tepung Jagung 1 Sb Tepung Custard 2 Sb Tepung Ubi 4 Sb Tepung Gandum 2 Sb Gula Halus 1 Biji Telur 1 Sk Minyak Masak 50 Ml Susu Segar 150 Ml Air Sedikit Pewarna Kuning 1 Sb Essence Vanilla BAHAN INTI DURIAN ? 250 Ml Susu Segar 3 Sb Gula Pasir 1 Sb Tepung Custard 300g Durian (lagi banyak lagi sedap)??? 150g Whipping Cream #itsdonebyeinaazman #carasayabyeinaazman

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If you browse through her page, you’d know that she is more than capable of cooking mouth-watering dishes, ranging from creamy salted egg squid, Seafood Tomyam Fried Rice and Macadamia Nuts Chocolate Chips.

Visit her Instagram page for other lip-smacking recipes you can try when you're bored at home.

Azie Kitchen (@aziekitchen)

Don't play-play with Azie's Kitchen.
Azie Kitchen is the trade name of the lady who is known as the number one food blogger in Malaysia.

Her blog of the same name is often the reference for thousands of wannabe cooks who want to whip up a sumptuous meal at home.

Ayam Goreng Masak Halia ni sangat simple dan mudah disediakan. Boleh masuk dalam senarai lauk pauk untuk dimasak sebagai juadah berbuka puasa di bulan Ramadhan nanti. Boleh tengok resepi di blog Azie Kitchen https://www.aziekitchen.com/2020/04/ayam-goreng-masak-halia.html dan videonya di Azie Kitchen Youtube Channel. #resepiaziekitchen #ayamgorengmasakhaliaaziekitchen

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She mostly whips up traditional Malay dishes, but she also throws in cakes and cookies recipes here and there. In short, she has your main courses and desserts covered - the Malaysian way, of course.

You can also visit her blog here for endless recipes that you can explore.

Mrs Lina Thomas (@mrs.lina.thomas)

Check out the desserts on her page.
Lina Thomas is a Malaysian living in the United States of America.

Although abroad, she almost always cooks dishes inspired by the local flavours, dishes like Sotong Goreng Kunyit, Masak Lemak Labu, Ikan Rebus Goreng and Pisang Goreng Sambal Kicap.

Salam 6 Ramadan dari kejauhan. Menu dessert buka puasa kami hari ini - Boq Pulut Hitam ? Bubur Pulut Hitam Buah Longan Bahannya: 300g pulut hitam - basuh bersih dan rendam 30 minit 6 - 8 cawan air - untuk merebus pulut 3/4 cawan gula putih 3 helai daun pandan, carikkan dan simpul 100g buah longan kering - basuh bersih dan tapis Gula putih secukup rasa Garam secukup rasa Kuah Santan Bahannya: 400ml santan 1/2 sudu kecil garam Caranya: Rebus pulut hitam dengan 6 cawan air (tak cukup tambah lagi) dan daun pandan sehingga lembut guna api sederhana sahaja. Kacau selalu takut melekat. Pulut hitam akan lembut, jangan sampai kembang sangat. Tak cukup air tambah lagi. Masukkan buah longan kering masak lagi selama 10 minit, masukkan garam secukup rasa. Kacau mesra tutup api dan tutup periuk dengan tudung periuk biarkan selama 30 minit. Sambil tu boleh masak kuah santan. Cara Masak Kuah Santan: Masukkan santan dan garam ke dalam periuk kecil, masak di atas api kecil. Sentiasa kacau sampai berkuap, tutup api. Siap! #bukapuasa #6ramadan #dessert #bukapuasastarter #bukapuasamenu #kuihmuihmelayu #kuihmuih #buburpuluthitam #kuihmuihtradisional #malaysianfood #linathomasrecipes

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Every now and then, she also whips up western menus like chicken pot pie and mouthwatering desserts like Bombolinis.

Visit her Instagram page and have fun trying out the recipes. It's going to be really fun, we promise you!