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When it comes to books and reading, it's sad to say that Malaysians are not really bookworms; in fact, out of 85 per cent of Malaysians who read regularly, only three per cent read books.

That's actually a pretty alarming number.

However, despite that, there's one book that recently turned most Malaysians into avid readers: 'Billion Dollar Whale: The Man Who Fooled Wall Street, Hollywood, and the World'.

Every Malaysian's favourite book.
The book, penned by two award-winning Wall Street Journal reporters, provides a definitive inside account of the whole 1MDB scandal and the man (you know who lah) who allegedly managed to swindle over USD5bil (RM20.7bil) for his own personal gain.

Of course, the whole 1MDB scandal struck a nerve with Malaysians, so much so that the book is reportedly sold out in Klang Valley bookstores.

Fret not, fellow drama-loving Malaysians; this is where we come in to help!

We took the liberty to scour the entire interweb for the book (so that you don't have to), so here's a list of local and international online bookstores that deliver to Malaysia who still have available copies or are currently taking pre-orders:

#1 MPHOnline

If you're an avid reader, then MPH Online should be in your bookmark tab. Dubbed 'Malaysia's No. 1 online bookstore', you can find any book you want as they have a huge inventory of books, new or old.

Is 'Billion Dollar Whale' available? Unfortunately, no. But the good news is, it's currently still available for pre-order - with a 10 per cent discount! According to MPH Online, the book will be available by 25 September. Click here to buy.

#2 Kinokuniya Malaysia

Just like MPH, Kinokuniya Malaysia is one of the more prominent bookstores in the country (have you not seen their bookstore in KLCC?). And like MPH, they also boast an impressive line-up of books, especially if you're looking for foreign titles.

Is 'Billion Dollar Whale' available? Yes and no. The paperback version of the book is currently out of stock, but the hard cover one is available for pre-order and will be dispatched in three to four weeks. Click here to buy.

#3 Book Depository

Book Despository is arguably one of the world's biggest and most extensive online bookshop. According to their website, they have 19 million titles (and counting!) in their inventory. Plus, they offer free worldwide delivery, but you must be willing to wait two to three weeks for your book to arrive.

Is 'Billion Dollar Whale' available? Yes, but only the hard cover version. Here's the cherry on the cake: they are also giving you a seven per cent discount! Click here to buy.

#4 Bookurve

Despite not being as big as the online bookshops we mentioned above, Bookurve still boasts a pretty impressive line-up of books. Bookurve is made in Malaysia, and because of that, they offer free delivery accross the country. Malaysia boleh!

Is 'Billion Dollar Whale' available? Umm, we're not sure. On the product page, both paperback and hard cover versions are stated as 'Available', but it takes up to two months for the book to reach your doorstep. So, is it a pre-order then? We don't know. If you want to get the book from Bookurve, perhaps you could give them a call first. Click here to buy.

#5 Borders

Really, Borders needs no introduction. They are one of Malaysia's leading bookstores, with seven outlets around the country. Besides a big selection of books, they also sell collectibles, card and board games and figurines as well.

Is 'Billion Dollar Whale' available? No. They have listed the book as 'Out of stock' and with no mention of when they will restock the title. However, the paperback version of the book is considerably cheaper at Borders compared to the other online bookstores in this list (they are selling it for only RM67.90). Click here for more information.

#6 Times Bookstore

In a world full of bookstores such as MPH, Kinokuniya and Borders, Times Bookstore often gets overlooked. The bookstore is one of the oldest in the region, having started operations in Singapore back in 1978. They offer a wide variety of books catering to readers of all ages.

Is 'Billion Dollar Whale' available? Yes, but you can't buy it online. You have to physically go to one of their many stores to get the book. According to their website, the book is currently available at their Bangsar, Sri Hartamas, Suria Sabah and KL Gateway outlets, but we suggest you give them a call first to check for availability. Click here for more information.