The film follows the unlikely adventures of Ruby a plush toy who dreams of seeing Australia for herself and Louie a toy unicorn who grants her wishes.

The pair are played by Rose Byrne and Will Arnett respectively and the film marks the beginning of a new global campaign for Tourism Asutralia called Come Say G'day.

The short 9-minute film took a reported AUD12 million to produce over 2021 and will be rolledout in countries around the world in the coming months.

Speaking at the launch event in Singapore, the Tourism Australia Country Manager for Malaysia, Karen Saw mentioned that halal travel is top of mind for the campaign as well in Southeast Asia and the nation is ready to invite travellers with Halal-certified eateries, prayer rooms, and education for guides in Australia to cater to Muslim travellers.

There's even resources on their site for Halal travel ideas in Australia that includes halal food options as well as Muslim-friendly activities recommendations.

Malaysia and Indonesia are ranked in the top 10 of arrivals in Australia for short term stays and while there is still no Visa waiver, we can confirm that the time to procees Visas for Malaysians going to Australia has been shortened to at least 4 weeks.

You may refer to the Australian Department of Home Affairs for visa application steps. You can apply by creating an ImmiAccount and logging in via this link.

At the time of writing the Aussie Dollar is actually lower than the Singapore Dollar so it's not a bad time to plan for a trip down under.