We Visited LMP, a Community Marketplace in PJ That Serves More Than 7 Cuisines All Under One Roof & is Perfect for Events

Iqmal Hakem
08:49 MYT
For those familiar with the Tropicana area, Lumi Tropicana's tall, beautiful apartment blocks are hard to miss.
Although it may seem like yet another set of premium service apartments at first sight, there’s actually more than meets the eye as it also happens to hold a treasure cove full of eateries and event spaces.
We were recently invited by LMP Lumi Tropicana to have a first-hand experience of all of their offerings, and here’s what we found:

Multiple cuisines all under one roof

As we entered LMP, we were first brought to its Japanese eatery AKARI, one of the many eateries available within the space.
We tried out their Salmon Coral roll, which consists of salmon sashimi, crab meat, tamagoyaki, and kappa topped with salmon roe. The salmon was fresh, and when combined with the other ingredients, it provided quite a hearty and filling bite.
Besides sushi, AKARI also offers teppanyaki, agemono, rice and noodle dishes, fresh seafood, and a variety of hot and cold drinks.
Although AKARI prides itself on its Japanese tapas and only uses the freshest ingredients flown in from Japan every week, you can also order food from other cuisines, such as Western and Koptiam, from Bite Club, another eatery.
Image Credit: Provided to Rojak Daily
We were served Asian-style Deep-Fried Chicken Wings and their speciality Double Cheese Burger and fries. The chicken wings were perfectly crispy, while the burger, made from smashed burger patties, was juicy and succulent.
Some of the other offerings they have include local dishes such as nasi lemak, curry mee, char kway teow, Western dishes such as salmon steak and fish & chips, and Rotisserie dishes such as original and barbecue roasted chicken.
Next up was the Savage Steakhouse renowned for its exquisite selection of prime beef cuts expertly prepared and paired with a meticulously curated menu. Although we didn’t manage to try any of the offerings here, we were given a brief tour of the eatery, including its private dining room.
Image Credit: Provided to Rojak Daily
Savage Steakhouse’s menu includes steaks of various cuts, grilled fish, seafood, chicken, pasta, and sandwiches. They also serve coffee, mocktails, and a variety of desserts.
During the tour, we were told that everything there was personally customised for Savage, from the cutlery they use to even the serving slates they serve their food on. All of this was in tune with the rustic theme it has for both its decor and its food.
We ended the day with a cup of coffee in its resident cafe, W.E.P., which stands for Work, Eat, and Play (words to live by), a cosy coffee shop has the ambience to perfectly cater to those working, meeting, or just chilling.
Image Credit: Provided to Rojak Daily
Besides its wide range of coffee and non-coffee drinks, W.E.P. also offers a variety of pastries and food on its menu. This includes all-day breakfast, pancakes, soups, and even poke bowls.

The perfect spot for events

Although having multiple cuisines all under one roof may seem like the main attraction, LMP’s main attraction actually lies in its capacity to host events of all kinds of nature in any of its 32,000 sqft of indoor event spaces as well as a unique 1-acre private outdoor park.
Some of the types of events that LMP would be perfect for include:
Product launchings
  • Showcase events
  • Seminars
  • Wedding dinners
  • Exhibitions
  • Workshops
  • Private Parties
  • Film & Videos
  • Annual Dinners
  • Press Conferences
  • Trainings
    You could choose from a whopping nine event spaces, including a combination of indoor and outdoor venues.
    Image Credit: Provided to Rojak Daily
    From the fully indoor W.E.P., Akari & Bite Club, and Savage spaces, which can host 48, 90, and 62 pax, respectively, to the fully outdoor LMP Gardens, which can hold over 350 pax, there’s a space for all of your needs and themes.
    There are also dedicated event spaces such as the Wonder Terrace, Foyer, The Space, and LMP Events, which come complete with a VIP holding room, a staging area, a bar, and dedicated audio and video systems.
    You can also opt for in-house catering for any events held in its spaces. A range of different catering menus, such as cocktails, canapes, and buffets, are available.
    Image Credit: Provided to Rojak Daily
    The flexible layout can be customised to meet any of your specific needs, while their modern facilities ensure that every detail is taken care of. With their personalised service, you can sit back and enjoy a stress-free event planning experience.
    Here’s a full list of all of their venues:
    Wonder Terrace - 20 pax (artistic staircase ramp, fully indoor)
  • The Space - 20 pax (parking area, fully indoor)
  • AKARI - 30 pax (Japanese eatery, fully indoor)
  • W.E.P. - 48 pax (cafe and bakery, fully indoor)
  • Bite Club - 60 pax (Western fusion eatery, indoor and outdoor)
  • Savage Steakhouse - 62 pax (rustic restaurant, fully indoor)
  • LMP Events Hall - 100 pax (dedicated events space, fully indoor)
  • Foyer - 120 pax (part of AKARI & Bite Club, indoor and outdoor)
  • LMP Gardens - 350 pax (outdoor garden with canopies available)
    To find out more, check out their website or their social media channels, such as Facebook and Instagram.
    Featured Image Credit: Provided to Rojak Daily
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