Like an all-knowing harbinger of the apocalypse sitting dormant as an app on your phone, Google Lens, is a technology that will allow your smartphone camera to understand what they see and perform certain tasks.

At Google's I/O developer conference, Google Lens was revealed with a tech demo involving a flower. Google Lens was able to identify the flower based on the photo alone.

The demo also showed off the camera connecting to a Wi-Fi router by pointing the camera to the router's Wi-Fi network name and password. No more asking your friend to read out the password. We're not sure if it'll work with a hand-scribbled passwords in cafes though.

What's even more interesting is that Lens will be able to translate text from a photo:
Google Lens is also integrated with Google's Assistant and each A.I. will compliment the other. In the demo, once the text was translated, a second search was made for pictures of the Octopus Dumplings.

One final demo involved the integration of Google Lens with the new Google Photos app. Combing through pictures taken on a trip, Lens was able to identify buildings taken in pictures. The A.I. was also able to provide business information for restaurants.

What a great time to be alive. Let's just hope that Google programs Isaac Asimov's "Three Laws of Robotics" into its A.I. before the robot uprising.