Does anyone else feel like 2020 has lasted an eternity?

Well, it's almost coming to an end but before it does, we at Rojak Daily wanted to pause for a moment and remember all those heart-warming stories that filled our hati to the brim this year.

Early 2020, we had a lot of people going out of their way to help each other during the peak of the Movement Control Order.

The #kitajagakita movement, restaurants giving out free food to the poor, neighbours helping other neighbours, Malaysians coming together to make PPVs for frontliners, people giving out care-packages to the poor and many more.

All these efforts truly touched our hearts.

Other than those stated above, there were also several heart-warming stories that stood out this 2020.

See if you remember some of them.

#1 The Cobbler With A Heart Of Gold

When cobbler, Abdul Ghafur, took to Twitter to offer free shoe-mending services for frontliners, we could almost hear everyone go awwwwww.

His tweet about the free show mending service ended with this line "Idk how to help so this is the least I could do. THANKS!"

What was additionally heartwarming was the fact that he was also facing difficult times but still did his best to help our frontliners.

I will do what I can.
Thanks for proving that there is no deed too small Abdul Ghafur!

2# The cutest pen-pal

Sweet little Lara Khadija McAfee won our hearts with her adorable letter to health director-general Tan Sri Dr Noor Hisham Abdullah.

Such a sweetheart.

The handwritten letter included a Loom Band as a thank you to DG for his efforts in leading the fight against COVID-19.

Check out the article to see what DG wrote back to her.

Definitely one of the sweetest stories this year.

3# Teacher To Kids: I've Got Your Back

We had quite a number of stories featuring outstanding teachers this year but just looking at the pictures of Teacher Harry; you know the kind of effort and dedication he has puts into his job.

Videos of Teacher Harry journeying through a jungle with a fridge strapped on his back went viral.

Why did he do it?

It was for his students. To ensure that they had a place to keep food, including fish vegetables and meat fresh whilst living at the dormitory at his school.

What a teacher!

4# A Song Of Thanks

This one was a fairly recent one but the video is just so memorable.

Determined to express their thanks and gratitude, inmates at the Alor Setar prison sang a touching song called 'Doa Wira Negara' (National Heroes' Prayer) by Harry (Apek) for frontliners who helped them.
No one cared that the visuals were dark and blurry. Everyone was just touched by the synchronised voices saying thank you in their own special way.

5# Abang Polis, My Exam Buddy

This kind Abang Polis Constable Muhammad Khairul Azhar will forever be remembered especially by this student who almost missed his exams.

An accident involving an overturned sand truck lead to a massive traffic jam towards his school in Putrajaya.

Thank goodness for the student, Constabel Muhammad Khairul was close by.

Despite being off duty, the kind officer offered to send the student to his school and he made it for his exams.

6# The Adorable Friendship Between Munir And Anep

This wonderful friendship between Munir, the postman and a dog named Anep is also one we fondly remember.

A video of the adorable doggy walking out, greeting Munir and receiving letters from him for years is just too sweet.

We love these quotes from Munir:

Munir said that many people, especially Muslims in Malaysia who are not permitted to touch dogs, don't really understand the animals.

"Of course, not all dogs are friendly but just because we cannot touch them, they should not be treated badly.

"Don't throw stones at them or kick them or hurt them. Just leave them be. And if they come too close to you, just walk or run away lah," he said.

7# United We Are One

When Malaysians come together, we can achieve so much!

This story starts with Malaysian Bhenhar Jul Abdul Razak who happened to meet a palm oil plantation worker called Jaya at the Lahad Datu Airport.

Learning about his predicament and understanding that he needed help, Bhendar took the initiative to get in touch with charity organisations Liga Kebajikan Asnaf LD and Bushra Borneo Resources to help raise funds for Jaya.

More than RM49,000 was raised in less than 24 hours, with RM10,000 being allocated for Jaya's surgery while RM3,000 will be used to buy daily essentials for the family.

8# My Four-Legged Bestie

At Rojak Daily, we love stories that involve animals.

This one was sooooo adorable.

Lecturer, Lionel Keith Vytialingam saved a scared little dog that was abandoned in Ipoh during the Movement Control Order.

On the collar of the dog, the previous owner wrote,“Please take me into your home. Please let me be part of your family. Please love me. I am a goldendoodle. I’m 5-years-old this year and I have not been neutered. I haven’t bitten anyone, ever! I am a good guard dog who will sit in front of your door all day and bark at anyone who come to your gate, Until you tell me to stop. Or, if I know the person very well. I can do some tricks too!”

Poor baby!

After saving cute Siggy, an adorable friendship developed between the two.

Best buddies.
It's so sweet to see how Lionel and Siggy have grown so close now.

Perhaps it was just meant to be - for both lecturer and dog.

Stories that warm the heart

We're sure there are plenty of other heart-warming stories that we may have missed but these were just some that stood out for us lah.

If you think of a story that should be mentioned and would like to add spread some happy memories before the year ends, just share about it in our comments section.

May 2021 bring a whole bus-load of beautiful stories that pull on the heartstrings.