When we were young, we might have been ecstatic to receive a Barbie Dreamhouse or a Hot Wheels set for our birthdays, but 5-year-old Fatima received a gift that even adults can only dream of. The daughter of local beauty product entrepreneur Farhana Zahra was presented with a Mercedes G Wagon (which retails for approximately RM1.79 million) for her birthday.

Previously in a TikTok video published on 31 March, Farhana had asked her daughter what she wanted for her birthday. Fatima replied that she wanted a green-coloured BMW or a G Wagon. When her mother asked her what she wanted to do with the car as she did not have a license, the young girl replied that she wanted to go to school in it and that her father would drive. She also made a pinky promise with her mother that she would attend school again if she received the car.

@farhanazahra91 Hari tu alasan dia xnak g school sbb belom birthday dia so xcukup lagi 5 tahun , sekarang dia mintak cikna BMW dengan G wagon plak baru nak g school, bmw cikna tahu la , g wagon menatang hape weyh??? ???#farhanazahra91 #fypシ #fyp ♬ original sound - Farhana Zahra

Although she is 12 years away from legally being allowed to drive, the young girl was surprised with the extravagant gift as she was led to a courtyard while being blindfolded in a TikTok video shared on 10 April. The car was placed on top of another truck in a see-through case filled with blue and white balloons and the words ‘Happy Birthday Nur Fatima Az Zahra turn’ were printed on the side. The car also bore the name young girl’s name on the license plate. A crowd of guests was seen to be lining up beside the truck to create a walkway for the child.


Happy birthday Nur Fatima Az zahra yang ke 5 ❤️❤️❤️ happy dia dapat G Wagon yang dia nak, sampai dia asyik mintak nak pegang kunci je hahaha

♬ original sound - Farhana Zahra

In the caption, her mother said that her daughter was so happy to receive her present that she kept requesting to hold the key.

Farhana also stated through the text in the TikTok video that she hoped that her daughter would achieve her dream of being a doctor. She also hoped that her daughter would be diligent in attending school after receiving the Mercedes car.

In a follow-up video (which has since been deleted), Farhana shared that Fatima had attended school in January until she fell sick and started to reason her way out of school by saying that she was not old enough as she had not turned five years old yet. She also shared that her daughter now wants to school after receiving the Mercedes G Wagon.

Farhana had also previously received flak from online users for showing off her wealth when she shared a video of her withdrawing RM1.4 million in cash for Raya.


Harap-harap tak fyp , takot ramai mintak duit raya hehe ! Yang nak duit raya masuk dekat-dekat, yg xnak mohon main jauh-jauh ??

♬ suara asli - BELIAJAJEMBER - ryskalestary

Image credit: @farhanazahra91